MRack is a fully adjustable, long span racking system designed for the storage of medium weight loads loaded by hand, such as machinery equipment and tools. The mRack system is perfect for the situation shelf racks, with a large span, multi-tier installations and tall.

The benefits of using mRack racks are quick assembly, good stability and low cost.


Download file:

MRack data sheet

Construction of the MRack shelf rack

  • Frame
  • Frame bracings
  • Bar
  • Filling
Standard finish - painted or galvanized.
mrack shelving dimensions

Shelf frame

The bracket is perforated with a pitch of 50mm, which allows for screwless mounting of the beams. The tapered shape of the hook guarantees a stable and rigid product, even without back bracing.

MRack racks are a structure similar to pallet racks. It consists of frames, beams, a number of accessories and wooden or metal shelves.


Many types of booms are available to suit every conceivable configuration.