They are made of polypropylene and recycled regranulate resistant to chemical compounds, fats, oils and temperatures from -20oC to + 90oC. They are characterized by exceptional load capacity and high resistance to deformation. Containers are the perfect solution to the problems related to the storage of small products in any warehouse, workshop, shop and help to maintain perfect order. They can be stacked on top of each other or attached to the wall with special strips. The containers can also be placed on our shelves, making them even more functional and useful. The product is available in five standard sizes and a wide range of colors. BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, GRAY, BLACK, other colors for individual orders.

Type 2 storage container

3,50  net
4,31  gross

Eco storage container 1

3,00  net
3,69  gross

Eco storage container 2

5,00  net
6,15  gross

Eco storage container 3

9,00  net
11,07  gross

Eco storage container 4

14,00  net
17,22  gross

Type 1 storage container

2,50  net
3,08  gross

O-Eko rotating containers 3

16,00  net
19,68  gross

O-Eko rotating containers 5

18,00  net
22,14  gross

O-Eko rotating containers 6

20,00  net
24,60  gross

Type 3 storage container

7,00  net
8,61  gross

Type 4 storage container

13,50  net
16,61  gross

Storage container type 5

30,00  net
36,90  gross