Each job requires a suitable environment. Just as an office must be equipped with comfortable chairs, every production plant or workshop needs a suitable work table. A neat, ergonomic workbench is the basis for effective work. When creating our tables, we rely on many years of user experience and use high-quality materials. Thanks to this, we are sure that they will be a solid support for our clients for many years. Our workbenches are distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship, solidity and modular construction, thanks to which they are products for many years.



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Stół roboczy P-1401

879,00  net
1 081,17  gross

Working table P-1400

1 009,00  net
1 241,07  gross

Stół roboczy P-2101

1 069,00  net
1 314,87  gross

Working table P-2100

1 259,00  net
1 548,57  gross

Workbench P-1410

1 449,00  net
1 782,27  gross

Workbench P-1413

1 639,00  net
2 015,97  gross

Workbench P-1429

1 699,00  net
2 089,77  gross

Workbench P-2110

1 809,00  net
2 225,07  gross

Workbench P-1423

1 899,00  net
2 335,77  gross

Workbench P-2125

1 919,00  net
2 360,37  gross

Workbench P-1414

1 989,00  net
2 446,47  gross

Workbench P-1411

1 999,00  net
2 458,77  gross

Workbench P-1420

2 009,00  net
2 471,07  gross

Workbench P-2130

2 059,00  net
2 532,57  gross

Workbench P-1422

2 199,00  net
2 704,77  gross

Workbench P-2111

2 219,00  net
2 729,37  gross

Workbench P-1425

2 239,00  net
2 753,97  gross

Workbench P-1415

2 269,00  net
2 790,87  gross

Workbench P-1421

2 349,00  net
2 889,27  gross

Workbench P-2129

2 369,00  net
2 913,87  gross

Workbench P-2115

2 419,00  net
2 975,37  gross

Workbench P-1416

2 519,00  net
3 098,37  gross

Workbench P-1424

2 539,00  net
3 122,97  gross

Workbench P-1427

2 569,00  net
3 159,87  gross

Workbench P-1418

2 599,00  net
3 196,77  gross

Workbench P-1412

2 609,00  net
3 209,07  gross

Workbench P-2135

2 679,00  net
3 295,17  gross

Workbench P-1426

2 699,00  net
3 319,77  gross

Workbench P-1428

2 719,00  net
3 344,37  gross

Workbench P-2122

2 869,00  net
3 528,87  gross

Workbench P-2131

2 929,00  net
3 602,67  gross

Workbench P-2134

2 979,00  net
3 664,17  gross

Workbench P-2123

3 119,00  net
3 836,37  gross

Workbench P-2112

3 129,00  net
3 848,67  gross

Workbench P-2127

3 299,00  net
4 057,77  gross

Workbench P-2116

3 349,00  net
4 119,27  gross

Workbench P-2132

3 379,00  net
4 156,17  gross

Workbench P-2133

3 539,00  net
4 352,97  gross

Workbench P-2117

3 559,00  net
4 377,57  gross

Workbench P-2121

3 759,00  net
4 623,57  gross

Workbench P-2126

3 839,00  net
4 721,97  gross

Workbench P-2114

3 839,00  net
4 721,97  gross

Workbench P-1417

3 939,00  net
4 844,97  gross

Workbench P-2113

3 979,00  net
4 894,17  gross

Workbench P-2124

4 099,00  net
5 041,77  gross

Workbench P-2119

4 179,00  net
5 140,17  gross

Workbench P-1419

4 569,00  net
5 619,87  gross

Workbench P-2128

4 609,00  net
5 669,07  gross

Construction of a workbench

The workshop workplace must, above all, be solid and as simple as possible. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) is an elementary component in the design of workbenches. The most important element is the top. In all our tables, it is made of solid beech wood with a thickness of 40 mm. It is a guarantee of durability, resistance to impacts and scratches as well as ... aesthetics, which also has a significant impact on the comfort of work.

At the customer's request, the wooden top can be upholstered galvanized steel sheet, acid-resistant or grooved rubber

Division of workbenches due to functionality


These are tables on which assemblies and subassemblies can be assembled and disassembled with the use of hand or mechanical tools. Such tables can be intended for the assembly of production series or retail quantities. Such tables are characterized by the possibility of connecting electric mechanical tools, the possibility of putting them on special stands intended for this purpose. Such tables can also be used for light warehouse work, such as complementation or packing.


This segment includes tables on which a qualified employee performs work related to machining, for example, of metals. Machine tools such as grinders, drills, welding and welding devices are often installed on such tables.


In this case, tables are often combined with segregation and storage systems for service parts, assembly and disassembly tools. Such tables must be adapted to the industry and the most frequently serviced products.

Workbenches - characteristics

The structure of the table is made of 2 mm thick steel sections. They are responsible for the rigidity and stability of the station. Thanks to them, the load capacity of the table is 500 kg for the version with one or two cabinets and as much as 1000 kg for three! Under the tabletop, there may be wardrobes, drawers or an open space. The combinations can be chosen as desired. The drawers are equipped with a system of ball guides, ensuring smooth and quiet operation. Their load capacity is 40 kg and the extension is 100%. Both the door and the door are equipped with locks as standard. The cabinets can be equipped with additional dedicated shelves. All table elements are powder coated to ensure maximum resistance to knocks. In addition to the standard colors, you can choose optional combinations from the RAL palette to adjust the table's appearance to the interior in which it will stand (check the colors of the tables).

Characteristics of workbenches

  • - Worktops with the use of plywood

These work areas are splash and dirt resistant. Plywood worktops should be properly impregnated prior to the commencement of activities.

  • - Solid wood worktops

In this case, the hardest type of wood in the industry is most often used, namely beech. This type of working area is characterized by very high resistance and durability, it is often used when working with heavy objects.

  • - Worktops finished with plastic or rubber

These worktops are highly resistant to chemicals, fats and greases.

  • - Steel, stainless, galvanized or otherwise galvanized sheet metal faced worktops

As a rule, in these tops you can find a core made of a shop, solid wood or plastic. They are most often used in heavy industry, car and locksmith workshops.

  • - Worktops made of laminates, chipboards, MDF boards

These countertops are relatively the least resistant and durable, there is a possibility of scratches. Workbenches with countertops of this type are often used in warehouses, assembly stations, and for complementing.

  • - Worktops with antistatic floor coverings

This type of table top is insulated with an antistatic lining and is used in electrical and electronic services.

What kind of workbench top is the best?

If we work with small elements, it is worth equipping the top with a grooved rubber upholstery. Not only will it provide traction, but it will also prevent screws, springs and other parts from scattering on the table. It is also used in the case of contact with oils and greases.

The galvanized sheet is resistant to water, lighter chemicals and coolants, and is also easy to clean. In the case of working with acids, cutting and the toughest works, the acid-resistant sheet coating is the best solution.

For basic, dry work, a solid beech wood worktop is sufficient.

Where will a professional workbench work?

Workbenches are extremely widely used in production plants, carpentry shops, various types of workshops and craft plants. They will prove useful wherever manual work is performed, both precise and with the use of force. They must be solid and at the same time keep clean, as they are often also used for design work. They are appreciated by production companies and those that specialize in repair and maintenance. Bicycle repair shops, car workshops, machine factories - these and many other enterprises cannot do without a place where you can perform manual operations that require precision, having the necessary tools at hand.

Professional workbenches are also a good choice for… amateurs. As equipment for a home workshop or garage, they will help to keep order and perform repair work efficiently. What's more, they are an invaluable support for people whose passion is related to mechanics and craftsmanship. Modelers, automotive enthusiasts or even ... lovers of hand-made jewelry.

How to choose a workbench?

A larger table will not always be better. Of course, a large space is a convenience, but you should remember to adjust the dimensions of the stand to the surroundings and the size of the room. As important as the size of the table top is access to it and the ability to move freely around the workshop. Even if you have enough space, it is worth considering whether you really need a large area - maybe a smaller table will be sufficient, and the remaining space can be used in a different way?

Lighter workbenches are perfect for design studios, packing rooms or at measuring stations, and they will also make it easier to change the interior arrangement. Heavy varieties, composed of many modules, will ensure stability and will prove themselves in the case of larger objects and heavier works. They will also allow the creation of comprehensive positions for many people.

Extension of the workbench

A workbench that is properly selected for the project and requirements should allow for adaptation to current needs, and it is also extremely important that the table is expandable. As a manufacturer of workbenches, we are working on the possibility of a modular configuration, expansion with all types of extensions, drawers, cabinets, lighting, hangers, and even containers.

Socket wrench pendant

24,50  net
30,14  gross

Flat key pendant

24,50  net
30,14  gross

Hanger for containers

11,00  net
13,53  gross

Double hanger for containers

24,80  net
30,50  gross

Triple hanger for containers

33,00  net
40,59  gross

Hanger for drills

21,40  net
26,32  gross

Screwdriver pendant

15,60  net
19,19  gross

Hook pendant

8,60  net
10,58  gross

Double hook pendant

8,90  net
10,95  gross

Hanger type C

10,10 10,40 

Hanger type L

6,60 7,90 

UW pendant

7,00 7,60 

Universal hanger

14,30  net
17,59  gross

Workbenches from the manufacturer - tailored to your needs

Our workbenches are available in two lines - Standard and Professional. The basic lengths are 1450 mm and 2100 mm. If you are not satisfied with any configuration from the base offer, we are able to adapt the workbench to your requirements. In addition, all workbenches of our production may be extended and modified in the future (Accessories).

The basic accessory is a perforated superstructure. It allows the installation of accessories and tools in a simple way. A wide range of modules with cabinets and drawers, shelves and hangers allows you to arrange the stand according to your preferences and needs. They are all mounted in one standard, so modifications or rotation of accessories between tables are not a problem. A simple mounting system also allows you to create specialized hangers, shelves and racks yourself. It is worth mentioning the matched one lighting modulewhich provides a stable light source perfectly above the worktop.

Module A - Cabinet for the table

569,00  net
699,87  gross

Module B - Cabinet for a table with a drawer

829,00  net
1 019,67  gross

Module C - Table cabinet with 3 drawers

1 129,00  net
1 388,67  gross

Module D - Cabinet for a table with 4 drawers

1 279,00  net
1 573,17  gross

E module - table drawer

659,00  net
810,57  gross

Module F - Table cabinet with 6 drawers

1 539,00  net
1 892,97  gross

Work and locksmith tables - comfort of work

Nobody likes to work under conditions that are inconsistent with their competences. An experienced professional knows that order, ergonomics and reliability translate into work efficiency and the quality of services provided. Our clients are the best advisers. Together with them, we constantly improve our products and adjust our offer to the needs of the market. We hope that our tables will help entrepreneurs and craftsmen in their work for decades to come.

If you are not sure which solution is best for you, Write to us or call me. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you choose a workbench that meets your needs.