Low profile pallet truck


Fork height: 35mm

load capacity: 1000 kg

Fork Length: 1150mm


Scissor pallet truck


Lifting range: 85 – 800 mm

load capacity: 1000 kg

Fork Length: 1150mm


Pallet truck with scales


Available with or without legalization

load capacity 2200 kg

Fork length 1150mm


Acid-resistant pallet truck

Completely acid-resistant

Nylon wheels

load capacity 2000 kg

Fork length 1150mm

Barrel trolley

For transporting, lifting and turning barrels

load capacity 350kg

The hight of raising 1425 mm



Scissor trolley with platform


Lifting range: 355 – 1300 mm

load capacity: 350kg

Platform dimension: 910x500x53 mm

Workshop davit


Capacity in range 250 – 1000 kg

Range reach 930 – 1160 mm

Base dimensions 1126 x 1650 mm