Warehouse shelves are an indispensable element of every warehouse equipment, and the multitude of their versions allows for precise adaptation to the needs of recipients. To properly use warehouse space, storage technologies must be selected according to the room, goods and many other factors. We offer comprehensive solutions, often combining many types of shelves, and we carry out projects from the initial design stages to commissioning. In order to facilitate orientation in this area, we have divided our products depending on the goods stored.  


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Warehouse shelves - classification and division of shelves

  • PALLET – They are used to store both light and heavy palletized goods. Since the pallets themselves are not always made correctly, the stiffness and stability of the structure is a priority in this case. A wide selection of accessories facilitates storage and increases safety. Mobile shelves are an extension of their idea, allowing for more efficient use of space in the warehouse.
  • SHELF – are designed for storing light and medium-heavy goods. Easy access to all shelves and levels is very important.
  • CABLE (long-length) – is an ideal solution for storing long goods, such as pipes or wood, or items with unusual shapes. The modular design allows them to be easily expanded and modified.
  • MEZZELS AND SEATS – They allow you to arrange the warehouse in such a way as to facilitate employee access to goods, and the floor system can be easily modified.

All our storage systems are designed using specialized software. Like static calculations, they require experience and knowledge. Automated production ensures the highest quality and repeatability. We use high quality high carbon steel, a powder coating or galvanizing protect profiles against damage and external conditions.

How to choose warehouse shelves?

To choose the right shelves, you need to determine your needs. Will the shelves be used in a warehouse or maybe as part of a store? What will be stored and how much turnover will there be? Whatever your requirements, you will receive a personal advisor, supported by a team of engineers, who will help you choose the best solutions and will take care of the project at every stage. This work model guarantees full focus on the client and their needs and knowledge of the case in every aspect.

Warehouse racks for light goods

Not everyone needs a heavyweight fighter. In small workshops, industrial warehouses or even offices and all places where there is a need to store light and medium-sized goods system Mshelf® will be a hit. Carrying capacity for many users 200 kg per shelf will be more than adequate, providing a comfortable margin of safety. Three frame types are available (open, closed and braced). Shelf clips can be installed every 25 cm. This, combined with the unique design of drawers, adapted to the most popular containers and the possibility of installing vertical partitions, allows you to maintain order and efficient access. Additionally, a huge range of accessories, such as doors, strips, labels and covers, allows for unprecedented possibilities of customizing the shelves.

Thanks to the frame that can carry a load of up to 4,000 kg, it is possible to create a multi-story structure.

midi rack warehouse shelves

Multi-story racks and storage mezzanines – when is it a good solution?

Both system Mshelf®, What Midi Rack® can be used as a base for floors and stairs. The two basic solutions are: floor systems and intermediate passages. Their combination is also used. We usually install wooden or grate floors. In the case of wood, it is worth covering it with an additional anti-slip layer to increase the level of safety. Multi-level shelves is a simple solution that allows you to manage the warehouse space, facilitate employee access and improve inventory management.

Platform structures in warehouses have been known for a long time. This is what distinguishes our system-based mezzanines Mezza® compared to traditional counterparts is the modularity of the structure, which allows for trouble-free modification. We also offer a wide selection of handrails, stairs and accessories. Using special connectors you can integrate them with pallet racks. Many customers use this option at receiving floors or conveyor belts. Mezzanines and multi-story shelves will be worth considering in high rooms where smaller products are to be stored and employees need efficient access to them.

warehouse shelves

Warehouse racks for long goods

For long and unusual items it may be worth considering cantilever racks. Extremely simple and at the same time durable construction ensures up to 2500 kg load capacity per support arm and was created for logs (wood longer than 6 meters). This is where their popular name comes from - long racks. For this reason, they are ideal for storage pipes, wood, rods and various types of boards. Properly adapted, it can even handle bodywork and complete cars. The solid structure can also be roofed and used outdoors or used to build a warehouse! A forklift or crane will be most suitable for handling them. The arm length ranges from 600 mm to even 2500 mm! They can be equipped with a removable stop at the bow, which will protect goods against falling.

mshelf warehouse shelves

Warehouse racks for heavy goods

One of the most popular solutions are pallet racks. Although they can also be used to store light goods, they are usually designed to withstand heavy loads. The basic pallet storage system is PAL RACK®. It has been designed for maximum efficiency and cheap repair in the event of damage by a forklift. The frames are made of two columns connected by several braces, and everything is screwed together. With this design it is possible to achieve 30 meters high and a load capacity of up to 45 tons. Beams are screwlessly mounted between the frames, which allows for simple and quick changes in arrangement. Four types of beams allow you to adjust the shelf to the stored goods, and the optional delivery and reception level increases the effective storage space. Different types of bracing will help to obtain the appropriate stiffness of the structure, a protectors will extend the service life and make it easier to use. We also offer accessories that increase the stiffness of pallets, which often leave a lot to be desired in this respect.


No work corridors?

A way to increase storage space is to remove work aisles. That's how they work drive-in shelves. This system is designed to store homogeneous goods on pallets, especially those too delicate to be stacked. Simple, durable rails make loading pallets easy, and when combined with forklift guides sure and safe. Depending on the method of loading and unloading, drive-in racks are divided into:

  • single drive-in
  • passable
  • double drive-in

The most important element are the rails. The special structure of the profile prevents warping, and the use of high-quality steel allows for this maximum length 9 meters. All elements such as guides and protectors are designed for easy replacement and protection of goods and structures.


Mobile warehouse racks for efficient use of space

They are an extension of the idea of drive-in racks mobile shelves. Thanks to the possibility of moving, they require only one working corridor. This allows for efficient use of warehouse space while providing quick and efficient access to all goods. But how does it work?

It is installed in a concrete floor two main guide rails and a few flat ones that take the weight resting on the wheels. It requires high precision and a flat floor, but interestingly there is no need to weld the elements during assembly.

Each shelf is installed on a mobile base equipped with four ball-bearing wheels and a cover plate. The bases are equipped with a system of optical sensors connected to a central control system. It ensures optimal operation of the complex, ensuring safety and energy savings (it is connected to the lighting system). It can be controlled using a remote control or computer and allows you to adjust the movement of the shelves to the user's needs. It works on the principle plug'n'play, thanks to which it easily recognizes new warehouse elements and does not require additional programming. Its operation is intuitive and the degree of automation can be easily changed.

An additional advantage of mobile shelves is the possibility of embedding other types of storage systems on the platforms, for example cantilever racks. This allows you to build unique storage systems intended for special applications.

mobile shelves

Warehouse racks with shelves for medium weight goods

It will work here system Midi Rack®. It was designed with the medium weight loads. Thanks to its simple assembly system and affordable price, it will be a great choice for storing manually loaded products. Based on Midi Rack® Shelving racks (including those with large spans), high and multi-story installations can be built.

The screwless beam mounting system ensures appropriate stiffness and allows for easy adaptation of the structure to the goods. Four types of beams (including special, intended for storing tires) and three types of shelves guarantee the creation of an appropriate structure. The entire structure closely resembles pallet racks.

What is the price of warehouse racks?

The price of metal shelves depends on the level of advancement of the structure, its parameters and selected accessories. Our products are intended for small and large entrepreneurs, which is why we provide attractive prices while maintaining optimal quality. Detailed information about specific models can be found in our online store.

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