Warehouse trolleys are an indispensable element of every warehouse equipment. Only thanks to well-suited storage trolleys will it be possible to quickly and efficiently move and arrange loads in our warehouse space.

Warehouse trolleys offer


Types of trolleys for warehouses

The warehouse trolleys in our offer will meet all the individual needs of customers with specific and high requirements in the field of transport and storage of goods. Warehouse trolleys are the necessary equipment for every warehouse, so choosing the right one should be well thought out.

Thanks to the storage trucks, the transfer of loads will be extremely fast and effective. Our wide offer is constantly expanding with new products, and among the currently available customers can find prams:

  • lifts - are electrically driven and have a load capacity of up to 1500 kg. The compact and light structure guarantees high maneuverability of the trolley, with the possibility of lifting up to 5.6 meters. This kind electric carts Best for use in low-traffic workplaces, the battery indicator with automatic cut-off feature extends battery life
  • pallet - allow for quick and uncomplicated lifting and moving pallets with the load. It is an indispensable tool in any warehouse.
  • platform - are intended for the transport of various packages, boxes, barrels and other small-size loads
  • barrow - their design allows for trouble-free and safe transport of packages, bags, washing machines, and even newspapers and magazines.

What are warehouse trolleys used for?

Warehouse trolleys are primarily used to perform all kinds of work related to the transport and storage of goods. Transporting and storing loads is an inseparable element of the functioning of efficient warehouse spaces. Effective space management requires the use of comprehensive solutions that enable the creation of multi-level storage systems. Thus, warehouse carts will be used to transport goods and to lift them to a specific height of the storage area.

Characteristics of the carts for the warehouse

Electric warehouse trolleys are characterized by a small turning radius, so they can be used to work even in narrow storage spaces. This is especially important when the workload is high and in the busiest warehouse sectors. The use of warehouse trucks is an invaluable convenience in the operation of large production and industrial plants, as well as commercial facilities.

Not sure what to choose? contact us. Our representative will prepare a comprehensive offer taking into account all your requirements. Our experience allows us to adjust the warehouse equipment to take full advantage of its possibilities.