An overview of the storage racks keeps you safe not only employees, but also goods and the entire warehouse. Until recently, negligence in the control of warehouse equipment was an extremely common phenomenon in our country. The assumption that "it will be somehow" over the years has often led to, if not disaster, clutter and less efficiency at best. Fortunately, this picture is changing. Both entrepreneurs and employees are more and more aware of the importance of ensuring safety and the proper condition of the warehouse.

The analysis of the condition of the racks allows you to timely eliminate or reduce the subsequent costs associated with the purchase of new racks, and additionally increases security their users. Timely performed periodic inspections of racks allow you to meet legal obligations, maintain the manufacturer's warranty, and also use the full potential of your warehouse.

Professional inspection and control of the condition of the racks in the warehouse

Inspections of warehouse racks are not only a formality. It is primarily the basis of safe work, so it is worth entrusting them to people who deal with storage systems in practice. Mag-Complex provides a number of industry-related services, which allows us to evaluate the condition of the warehouse based on our experience and knowledge. We carry out the inspections in such a way that influence the functioning of the warehouse as little as possibleand at the same time check its condition, not forgetting the details.

The overview of warehouse racks includes, among others:

  • checking the condition of warehouse racks
  • verification of the condition of pallets and shelves
  • checking the compliance of the construction of installation levels
  • comparison of the specifications of the racks with the used forklifts
  • checking the protection of rack poles
  • verification of information from rating plates and their location
  • cleanliness and general order control in the warehouse working aisles
  • checking the condition of the warehouse substrate
  • verification of limits, tolerances and deformation of warehouse racks

Irregularities in the operation of warehouse racks:

  • tearing out the anchors of the shelves from the floor
  • damage to the shelves protecting the shelves
  • no nameplates
  • exceeding the permissible loads
  • no stickers informing about the maximum allowable load capacity
  • blocking the roads between the racks
  • failure to inspect the racks in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations

Most of these problems are due to neglect during use or assembly of racks. Therefore, already at the commissioning stage, it is worth making sure that all standards and regulations are met. The purpose of the warehouse rack inspection is to eliminate operational errors as well as signs of wear or damage. Besides, its exercise is legal obligation entrepreneurs. According to the European standard PN-EN 15635 "Steel static storage systems - Application and maintenance of storage facilities" the user is responsible for carrying out an annual inspection of the rack installation and storage systems.

Regulations - PN-EN 15635 standards (regarding safety in warehouses):

  • Conducting technical inspections by an expert
  • Replacement of damaged elements
  • Nameplate
  • It is the customer's responsibility to designate a person responsible for the security of the storage system
  • Preparation of periodic inspection plans in the warehouse

FEM (Federation Europeene de la Manutention)  “Guidelines for the safe use of static racking installations”. Three risk groups are defined:

GREEN: minor damage requiring periodic condition inspection

ORANGE: damage requiring response

RED: serious damage requiring immediate action

The following racks are subject to technical inspection:


How much does a rack inspection cost?

The price of a warehouse rack inspection depends mainly on the type of racking system and the size of the warehouse. Most of the standard services of inspecting the technical condition of racks in a warehouse hall range from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys in the case of larger structures.

Technical and periodic inspections of racks - contact

Mag-Complex deals with the design, construction and servicing of all the above-mentioned rack structures. Thanks to this, we know their structure and specificity, which allows us to efficiently and thoroughly assess the condition of the structures under review. Such a review of warehouse racks is not only a formality, but above all a service that has a real impact on safety and work efficiency. It also allows you to avoid higher costs in the future.

contact us on the technical inspection of the condition of warehouse racks on the phone number 58 535 16 96 or by contact form.