Max. up to 500kg
From 2h
Possibility of legalization

Precise and solid table scale. Industrial design for use with and without certification: stainless steel pan, KPZ 51E-8 control panel with backlit LCD digits, 25 mm high, battery, stand, large function keys, set value function with tone signal, automatic self-test function, 100% taring,

Options: piece counting, radio data transfer, connection of a reference scale, system RAM cards, identification systems, IP 65, 4-20mA output, RS 232 interface, data emission, roll paper printer, label printer. Switching points/relay output (High-OK-LOW interface), extension cable between panel and pan, alphanumeric display, wall bracket for control panel, tare pre-feeding, entering customer-specific codes, programming customer-specific functions using macros.

Model Load capacity Scale Dimensions (mm)
KPZ 2E-06S3 6kg 2g 300x400x120
KPZ 2E-06S3 15kg 5g 300x400x120
KPZ 2E-06S 30kg 10g 300x400x120
KPZ 2E-06S 60/75 kg 20g 300x400x120
KPZ 2E-06S 60/75 kg 20g 600x600x150
KPZ 2E-06S 60/75 kg 20g 600x800x150
KPZ 2E-06S 150kg 50g 600x600x150
KPZ 2E-06S 150kg 50g 600x800x150
KPZ 2E-06S 300kg 100g 600x800x150
KPZ 2E-06S 300kg 200g 600x800x150
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Electronic parcel scale at a favorable price, made according to the latest technology. This model is particularly suitable for weighing postal items and parcels as well as for quick control of the entry or exit of goods, 350x300mm weighing pan made of painted steel, easily readable 25mm high LCD display, 4 ½ - positions, control panel in wall or table version, gross indicator /net, 100% tare (multiple tare), minus indication, piece counting, 230V mains or battery power supply. Optionally also with a stainless steel pan or 10g scale.

Model Load capacity Scale Dimensions (mm)
KPZ 2-11-3/36 36kg 5g 350×300
KPZ 2-11-3/40 40kg 10g 350×300
KPZ 2-11-3/60 30kg 10g 350×300
KPZ 2-11-3/60 60kg 20g 350×300
KPZ 2-11-3/60 60kg 50g 550×550
KPZ 2-11-3/70 70kg 20g 350×300
KPZ 2-11-3/70 70kg 50g 350×300
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