We assemble and disassemble warehouse racks using modern design technologies and specialist knowledge. Appropriate software, constantly improved production methods and careful selection of materials guarantee the reliability of our products. But that's not all. The use of storage systems is influenced not only by the quality of its performance, but also proper installation. In order to ensure safe working conditions for many years, it is worth ensuring correct assembly warehouse shelves.

Installation of racks

We assemble a large part of the systems ourselves. This solution allows you to achieve the best results, because we know our products from the early design works and we know what to pay special attention to during assembly. For simpler, smaller systems, some customers choose to self assembly. Despite the difference in scale, most key activities are similar. You have to remember about good quality tools - they improve work and do not damage the screws, so we save our nerves in the future.

Professional rack assembly - instructions

First of all, it is important to carefully bolt or rivet the racks. The order in which the elements are connected is important, as is the force with which the screws must be tightened. Even small shelves can do a lot of damage in case of damage, so don't rush to assemble it. First, the posts, shelves and their fixings are assembled. Then braces are added, which increases the stiffness of the structure. In the case of tall structures, the segments are often folded "flat" and only then placed vertically and fastened.

Stability of racks - assembly tips

The key issue is the stabilization of the racks. They are all self-supporting, which means that only they bear all the loads. Of course, fastenings to various points in the hall or room are necessary to create a certain structure, but they cannot affect the load-bearing capacity. In any case, it is necessary to fasten the shelves to the floor. The surface should be even and adjusted to the expected load. For lighter structures, leveling pads can help. The feet are fixed with anchors. Ideally, there should be at least two anchors per leg.

Need for change - dismantling of storage racks

The most common reason for dismantling shelves is the reorganization of the warehouse. The racks are moved to another place, replaced with others or renovated. This is more difficult as the consumption of materials and structures has to be taken into account. Joints may be seized and girders and ledges deformed. Therefore, be especially careful and never support ladders o dismantled structures.

Binders for small items will be helpful especially when the shelves are moved from place to place. They will help keep order and streamline the reassembly process. On this occasion, it is worth reviewing them and, if necessary, replacing them with new ones. The processes mentioned above are not very complicated. However, they require accuracy and patience. Specialists from Mag-Complex have more than one demanding installation behind them and are able to find themselves in all conditions, and the assembly of storage racks is one of our basic services. We are not afraid of challenges, and we treat unusual projects as an opportunity to gain experience and inspiration for new, innovative solutions.

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How much does it cost to assemble warehouse racks?

The price of the assembly of warehouse racks depends on the degree of advancement of the structure, its parameters, and in particular the type of system. Most of the standard services for the assembly of racks in a warehouse is an expense of several thousand zlotys.

Montaż i demontaż regałów metalowych – kontakt

Assembly and disassembly of warehouse racks made by Mag-Complex is a service for which we issue a guarantee. We are happy to advise you and suggest what solution is best for you. Experience and practice do their job - a professional fitter will install the racks faster and more reliably.

If you are not sure if you can handle it by yourself, contact us.