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Thanks to our steel mezzanines, you can significantly increase the available storage space without spending a huge amount of time and money on expanding your warehouses. For optimal use of the room and maximum load capacity, we manufacture custom-made steel mezzanines of galvanized C profiles with a high elasticity limit S235, S350 according to your specifications.

Robust steel platforms, adapted to the optimal use of the room

A wide range of accessories and equipment variants allows you to adapt the steel mezzanines to an exceptionally wide range of products and logistics processes.

The rules governing the calculation, verification methods and safety factors of steel structures ensure the strength and durability of the installation according to the recommendation of the European Federation of FEM 10.2.02.

Features of the warehouse platform

  • Custom-made structure made of steel profiles coated with resistant and durable epoxy paint in the color RAL 7024
  • Mezzanine load capacity from 250 to 1000 kg / m²
  • Adaptation of load capacity thanks to a range of sizes of steel beams and mezzanine floors
  • The floor is made of 38 mm chipboard or galvanized gratings

Your benefits when buying a platform

  • Optimal use of space thanks to steel mezzanines
  • Increased warehouse efficiency
  • Maximum safety thanks to high-quality materials and professional design


maximum use of space

P3 storage platform - 151 m2

107 500,00  net
132 225,00  gross

P1 storage platform - 87m2

72 600,00  net
89 298,00  gross

P5 storage platform - 138m2

89 600,00  net
110 208,00  gross

P2 storage platform - 70m2

72 400,00  net
89 052,00  gross

P4 storage platform - 138m2

112 200,00  net
138 006,00  gross

Examples of warehouse platforms

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