Mshelf ® shelves can be used in any environment, from an office to an industrial warehouse. The designed shelf system is intended for light and medium loads up to 200 kg/shelf. Thanks to the frame that can carry a load of up to 4000 kg, it is possible to create a multi-story rack structure.


File to download:

mShelf catalog card

Construction of the mShelf shelf rack

1. Pole
2. Closed frame
3. End frame
4. Shelf
5. Rear bracing
6. Back net
7. Half-height divider
8. Etiquette

mshelf shelves dimensions

Benefits of using mShelf shelf racks

  • Compliance with European FEM and EN standards and ISO 9001 certification
  • All components have been thoroughly tested in specialized laboratories
  • Design and static calculations using specialized software
  • Fully automated production process, guaranteeing high quality and reducing costs

mShelf shelves - Frame and vertical pole

The frame consists of two Mshelf vertical columns and a frame bracing system. Side rectangular holes allow the installation of shelf clips every 25mm. Round holes are used for screwing or riveting various types of bracing.

Shelves - unique design

  • The shelf length corresponds to many types of cartons and plastic containers
  • The closed profile edge will not twist under heavy loads
  • Front profile ideal for attaching labels
  • The shorter side of the shelf is triple bent
  • Double-folded corners that are joined together provide high stiffness and resistance to heavy loads
  • The edges are not sharp, which prevents cuts
  • The shelves are perforated every 53mm, which allows for the installation of vertical partitions

Framework - mShelf

  • open
  • closed
  • concentrated
mshelf shf01 shelves

Standard open frame with horizontal braces. It can be used in single-story installations up to a height of 4.5 m with a maximum span load of 2000 kg.

mshelf shfi01-03 shelves

Closed frame with intermediate panels. For low- and high-span installations. For span loads up to 4000 kg.

mshelf shelves shfb01-03

Open frame with diagonal. For use in multi-story installations and for storing heavy loads. Span load up to 4000kg.