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Shelf racks on offer Mag-Complex is widely used in the case of storing non-palletized goods, and their distinguishing feature is functionality.

How to create the perfect storage system? Know your customers' needs thoroughly! The Mag-Complex company deals with projects from "A to Z" - we design, manufacture, install and service racks and warehouse equipment. Thanks to this, we were able to get to know the industry from many sides and learn about the problems and issues at every level of creating and using shelves. This allows us to eliminate many potential problems and threats already at the design stage.

Universal shelf racks

For the storage of light and medium weight goods, completely different solutions are needed than for heavy or palletized loads. The strength of the structure, although important, is not a priority here. Ensuring becomes a challenge easy manual access, maintenance of cleanliness and the possibility of modifying the shelves. Shelf racks are often used in relatively small rooms or warehouses. Therefore, it is not trivial to create a compact design that meets the requirements for capacity and loads at the same time.

Taking all this into account, our team of experienced engineers created systems using the latest software Mshelf® and MRack®. The first one, thanks to its small size, will be perfect for a store, office or part of a warehouse. The second one is intended strictly for industrial use and is not afraid of mistreatment. Moreover, we have designed both of these systems to you can use their structure to create multi-story racks or storage mezzanines.

MRack large span shelving

The MRack® system is specially designed for medium loads. All elements are extremely durable and stiff, but the entire structure has been optimized for manual loading. It will be the perfect choice if you are interested in long span shelving or very tall installations. It will be perfect for storing tools, machine elements or even car parts. This is an inexpensive but smart solution, allowing for wide application, both in large warehouses and smaller, specialized plants.

Regały półkowe - budowa

The frame of the racks rests on durable steel profiles. They are all galvanized or powder coated to prevent chafing, bruising and corrosion. Design has a lot to do with pallet racks, drawing on solutions that improve durability and impact resistance.

The beams supporting the shelves are fastened without screwsby means of a hook system. The brackets are perforated every 50 mm. Thanks to this, you can easily and precisely adjust the position of the shelves depending on the current needs. The wedge structure of the hitch ensures high rigidity of the rack, even without the use of a rear brace.

We offer four types of beams, available in a wide range of sizes. They deserve a distinction special beams for storing tires - they will be a great choice not only for a warehouse, but also for a tire or car factory.

Available beam types:

  • type Z
  • type J
  • closed with an angle section welded on
  • for tire storage

There are three types to choose frome shelves. The first option is traditional raw chipboard, sufficient for a large number of applications. For higher loads and exposure to damage, a galvanized metal shelf will be a good choice, and mesh panels are designed for special tasks. They are fixed with clips or on beams.

Mshelf standard shelf racks

Not everyone needs a structure as powerful as MRack®. That is why the Mshelf® system was designed with lighter goods in mind, so that its structure takes up as little space as possible. Thanks to this, it will be perfect not only in warehouses, but also in offices, workshops and shops. We provide a number of accessory parts, such as doors, labels, drawers, which will allow you to create a personalized space.

The maximum load that the shelf can bear is up to 200 kg, and the frame can carry 4,000 kg. Thanks to such a large stock, Mshelf® racks can easily become the basis for creating a multi-story structure.

MShelf shelf rack - frames

The frame consists of two vertical columns and a bracing system. The posts can be varnished or galvanized, and every 25 mm there are rectangular mounting holes. The braces are mounted to the round holes by means of bolts or rivets. Our standard shelf racks can be equipped with one of three frame models:

  • SHF 01. It is a standard open frame with horizontal braces. We recommend it for single-story installations up to 4.5 m high with a maximum span load of 2000 kg. Perfect for office use and for light products.
  • SHFI 01/03. Closed frame with intermediate panels significantly increasing the load capacity. For low and high span installation. It is designed for span loads weighing up to 4,000 kg.
  • SHFB 01/03. Open frame with diagonals for special tasks. Designed for use in multi-storey installations and for storing heavy loads. It can carry a span load of up to 4,000 kg.

Metalowe regały półkowe – półki

The shelves are attached with a clip system. There is one clip for each corner of the shelf. They can be quickly attached and detached, so changing the height of the shelf is child's play. Thanks to the rounded edges of the clips, we have minimized the risk of injuring your hands while loading.

Shelves are a unique feature of our system. We have adjusted their dimensions to the most popular plastic containers and cartons. Each part of the shelf has been carefully refined. The longer sides consist of closed profiles that best bear loads and prevent twisting. In addition, the front profile is perfect for attaching labels. The shorter side of the shelf is triple folded and the corners double folded. This not only increases durability, but together with the rounded edges effectively prevents cuts. Every 53 mm, we used perforations that allow the installation of vertical partitions. Our metal shelf racks are not only strong but also user-friendly!

Accessories for shelf racks

Basic accessories include feet, leveling pads and double rack couplings. Plastic plugs, vertical baffles, mesh panels are available as options.

Mezzanines i multi-level shelves it is worth equipping with useful accessories. Some of them will facilitate use and increase safety, for example pallet gates. Installed to face the rails, these simple balconies improve comfort and greatly simplify the hassle-free loading and unloading of pallets.

What is needed is ... stairs and handrails. The stairs can be integrated into the floor structure or be separate. Their size and slope (between 20about and 45about ) depends on the regulations and the space available. They are equipped with openwork steps and metal handrails. The latter are located at a height of 1100 mm and secured at the knee and waist level. We have designed them in accordance with the strict requirements for industrial installations, but above all with ergonomics and ease of use in mind.

The variety of profiles and shelves allows you to create a shelf rack ideally suited to the customer's needs. They can be universal or narrowly specialized. If you are not sure if our products will meet your expectations, call us or write to us - we will be happy to answer all your questions!


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