Multilevel shelving system based on Mshelf, Mrack and Palrack racks

Thanks to multi-level shelving systems, you can expand your storage space up to the ceiling, multiplying the available storage space.

A wide range of accessories and a large selection of shelf length, depth and load allow each system to be precisely adapted to individual and industry needs. Walkways and staircases are connected directly to the shelf system, allowing direct access to each shelf.

Like all the storage systems we offer, our multi-tier shelving complies with the European FEM and EN standards and ISO 9001 certification.

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storage mezzanine

Product features

  • Speed of availability and assembly,
  • A wide range of accessories and elements of a multi-level system,
  • Systems with galvanized or chipboard frames and shelves,
  • Mezzanine floor in the form of 38 mm chipboard or galvanized grating,
  • Most of the elements are available in stock or produced on site, which gives the possibility of immediate access

Your benefits

  • Optimum use of space thanks to the multi-level shelf systems
  • Increased warehouse efficiency and space utilization
  • Easy-to-install shelving systems using either fixing hooks or snap-on beams

The use of multi-level racks

Multilevel structures will prove useful wherever simple and efficient access to all goods is needed, and where warehouse operations are carried out manually. Thanks to multi-level racks workers can move easily and there is no need for heavy carts or ladders. If you still have any doubts or want to ask questions, don't hesitate and write to us or call us. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

Sample projects: