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Warehouse mezzanines allow you to expand your storage space up to the ceiling, multiplying the available storage space.

A wide range of accessories and a large selection of shelf lengths, depths and loads allow you to precisely tailor each system to individual and industry needs. Walkways and staircases are connected directly to the shelf system, allowing direct access to each shelf.

Warehouse mezzanines - features

  • Speed of availability and installation,
  • A wide range of accessories and elements of the multi-level system,
  • Systems with galvanized or chipboard frames and shelves,
  • Mezzanine floor in the form of 38 mm chipboard or galvanized grate,
  • Most of the elements are available in stock or manufactured on site, which allows immediate access.

Warehouse mezzanines – your benefits

  • Optimal use of space thanks to tiered shelf systems
  • Increased warehouse efficiency and space utilization
  • Easy to assemble shelf systems using mounting hooks or clip-in beams

Warehouse mezzanines and their use

Multi-level structures will prove useful wherever simple and efficient access to all goods is needed and warehouse operations are carried out manually. Thanks to multi-level shelves workers can move around easily and there is no need for heavy carts or ladders. 

Free passage in all directions

Sometimes you need free passage in all directions. This is made possible by specially designed bracing in the form of a pallet rack frame installed just below the main and cross beams.

Handrails and stairs

The stairs can be integrated with a shelf or mezzanine, with an additional floor structure or be separated. Their size and inclination (between 20about and 45about ) depends on regulations and available space. Our standard stairs have openwork steps and metal handrails.

We have developed our handrails based on the design requirements for industrial installations, however ergonomics was the priority. The standard steel barrier is 1100 mm high, the handrail and protection are placed at knee and waist height.

Which floor will be best?

What to put on the structure? We have two suggestions. The first one is high density chipboard. Its thickness is 38 mm, which is sufficient to create a safe, smooth floor. At the customer's request, it can be covered with an anti-slip substance and finished in white on the bottom.

If you need a more durable cover, this will be a great solution bridging grille. It is impact-resistant and easy to clean, although you should remember to protect the goods and stands underneath it. Available in various thicknesses (from 25 to 35 mm), mesh sizes (30×30, 30×40 or 30×60) and many flat bar thicknesses, it will satisfy the most demanding customers and will not disappoint in difficult conditions. What is important, lattice structures significantly improve air circulation in the warehouse, affecting the well-being of employees.

Like all storage systems that we offer, our multi-level shelves are compatible with European FEM and EN standards and ISO 9001 certification. When designing them, we use specialized software and perform advanced static calculations. All components are laboratory tested to ensure they will withstand many years of industrial use. The automatic production process guarantees product repeatability and optimal quality.

Loading gate in steel mezzanines

These simple safeguards allow for trouble-free loading and unloading of pallets. Their size is adapted to the size of the pallets, and the profiles are mounted at the same height as the railings.

Additional equipment and other structures

All our designs can be equipped with a number of accessories that increase functionality and safety. Moreover, using our extensive catalog, we are able to create non-standard products for specific applications.

Combination of a warehouse mezzanine with a pallet rack

Thanks to specially designed connectors, you can easily connect the profiles of mezzanines and standard pallet racks. This solution is often used on receiving floors or to support conveyor belts in automated systems. It increases efficiency, and sometimes it is simply indispensable in a certain part of the warehouse.

Industrial mezzanines compliant with norms and standards

Multi-level shelf system based on Mshelf, Mrack, Palrack shelves

Like all the storage systems we offer, our multi-level shelving complies with European FEM and EN standards and ISO 9001 certification.

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multi-level storage of goods

AM1 warehouse mezzanine – 49.5 m2

65 800,00  net
80 934,00  gross

AM3 warehouse mezzanine – 60 m2

88 300,00  net
108 609,00  gross

Steel mezzanine AM2 – 24.21 m2

36 400,00  net
44 772,00  gross

AM4 warehouse mezzanine – 53 m2

78 200,00  net
96 186,00  gross