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mobile shelves

Mobile racks are a system that allows for very dense pallet storage and easy and quick access. With our help, you will create a modern warehouse with a pallet storage system where everything is in its place!

The most effective use of free space, energy saving and automation are the main features that distinguish mobile shelving.

Construction of mobile racks - precision and good materials

They are installed in the concrete floor two main guide rails and a few flat ones that take the weight based on the wheels. The wheels are equipped with high-quality bearings that allow smooth operation even under maximum load. Embedding the rails requires high precision and a flat floor, but interestingly, there is no need to weld the elements during assembly. They must be placed very precisely, because even the smallest deviation may result in damage. All this is necessary to ensure the reliable operation of the entire system for many years.

Each rack rests on a mobile base equipped with four wheels and a cover plate. The bases are equipped with a set of optical sensors connected to a central control system. It is he who ensures the optimal operation of the whole, safety and energy savings. It is connected to the lighting system so that the lights only turn on when they are needed. This feature will be especially appreciated by owners of large warehouses - savings will be easily visible. The system can be controlled by a remote control or a computer and allows you to adjust the rack movement to the user's needs. It works on a principle plug'n'play, thanks to which it easily recognizes new warehouse items and does not require additional programming. The whole thing was designed for intuitive operation, and at the same time the possibility of adjusting the settings and the degree of automation to individual needs.

Operation and service of mobile racks

The basic principle of mobile shelving is simple. There is only space for one aisle in the warehouse. To create it, you need to move the racks and get the goods out of the right place. Of course, everything is done electrically - the operator does not have to use force under any circumstances. The system can also be controlled by a computer.

The mobile shelving system can operate in one of three basic modes.

  • Manual - in this case, each corridor is opened sequentially.
  • Semi-automatic - one command on the controller is enough to open the selected corridor.
  • Automatic - the entire system is operated using a remote control.

Efficient energy management is a priority in each mode. For example, issuing a new command interrupts the previous one - you do not have to wait for the racks to finish their movement, which also saves time in case of a mistake. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the system automatically enters the standby mode, and at night the shelves are evenly opened to ensure adequate air circulation.

The racks are controlled by a specially designed controller. Unlike universal devices, it works faster and requires less wiring, and is also compatible with the WMS system. Thanks to the use of current converter technology, the movement of the racks is gentle and smooth, which not only increases the comfort of use, but also significantly extends the service life. For each installation, we individually configure the remote control to suit the warehouse function. What is important, fault diagnostics can be performed remotelywhich saves a lot of time.


A photoelectric safety system takes care of them. The set of sensors is activated when the bases are moving and in case of any irregularities it activates safety procedures and stops the shelves. Counting devices check the number of trolleys in the aisle and only allow the aisle to be closed when all of them have left it. In addition, the shelves have traditional "Stop" buttons.

Mobile racks - application

Mobile racks will prove themselves wherever warehouse space is valuable, and where access to goods is crucial. Examples include cold stores and freezers. It is the most effective way to store pallets, so consider it when designing a large, modern warehouse.

Other types of racks can also be mounted on mobile bases, for example cantilevered. If you want to create a custom-purpose warehouse, this may be your best choice. We are happy to take up the challenge - we are not afraid of unusual projects!

Advantages of mobile shelving - economy and efficiency

The most important advantage of mobile shelving is the optimal use of space. Traditional pallet racks they do this in around 40%, while mobile shelving in 80%. Much difference, right? The degree of storage is as much as 90%! You can store more pallets in less space. Moreover, unlike many other compact systems, pallets do not have to meet stringent dimensions and standards. The whole can be precisely adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer, and then easily modified. Increasing the number of delivery and acceptance stations will translate into increasing the speed of work and turnover of goods.

All this translates into lower maintenance costs. A much higher density of the stored material per square meter means lower heating, cooling and lighting fees. It is also easier to keep order, to carry out inventory checks and maintenance work, and the whole thing requires less quantity employees.

We provide complete development and systems of mobile shelves. We start work from computer design of components, through their production process, to quality control. For the client, we create a comprehensive design of the complex and perform all installation and commissioning works. Thanks to this, we know our projects in every detail, which also translates into subsequent maintenance and service. If you have any questions or concerns, we'd love to share our knowledge. Call us or write to us, our specialists are always ready to talk to you.

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