Invaluable help with the transport of pallets. Both simple, manual models and these electrically assisted They are characterized by easy operation, resistance to harsh conditions and reliability. Pallet trucks is a must-have for almost every warehouse.

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Hand pallet truck DF-III

1 950,00  net
2 398,50  gross

CDDR15R-E electric stacker truck

28 200,00  net
34 686,00  gross

Manual stacker SDJ1016

3 690,00  net
4 538,70  gross

CDDR15-III electric stacker truck

47 900,00  net
58 917,00  gross

Electric stacker truck WS15SL-3300

Electric stacker truck WS 15SL-3500

Electric stacker truck WS12S-3300

Electric stacker truck PWS 15S-3300

PPT-15 pallet truck