Accessories for warehouse racks can often prevent damage often caused by forklifts and heavy goods, it is worth securing the racks. Simple security specially designed for our products allow for long and failure-free operation, a Accessories they will allow adjust systems storage to your needs.

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Mesh shelf for 1000 kg pallet rack

140,00  net
172,20  gross

Protective fender for the column - corner

Protective column fender - MXM 85

110,00  net
135,30  gross

Mesh shelf for 800 kg pallet rack

95,00  net
116,85  gross

EKO 400 mm column fender

140,00  net
172,20  gross

U-crossbar for a recessed shelf

80,00  net
98,40  gross

Crossbars - Skids for Mauser IBCs

129,00  net
158,67  gross

Crossbar N under the pallet (wooden shelf)

58,00  net
71,34  gross

Protective column fender - MXM 100

Protective column fender - SPU 85

Single rack frame protection

Double rack frame protection

Protective column fender - SPU 100

Steel pillar fender 600 mm

Pallet stop for 1900 mm beam

Pallet stop to 2700 mm beam