Accessories for workbenches will allow you to adjust the workplace to your needs and preferences. Hangers, containers and cabinets they will ensure that small tools and items will always be in place. Thanks to this, everything you need will be at hand without disturbing the order and the working surface. We also recommend ours lighting workshop matched to the tables!

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Cabinet for the superstructure of a workbench

569,00  net
699,87  gross
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Superstructure - Small table P14xx

899,00  net
1 105,77  gross
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LED lamp - Small table P14XX

409,00  net
503,07  gross
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Superstructure - Large P21xx table

1 269,00  net
1 560,87  gross
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LED lamp - Large table P21XX

449,00  net
552,27  gross
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Shelf for the superstructure of the workbench

74,00  net
91,02  gross
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Rubber insert - filling the table drawer

28,00  net
34,44  gross
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